Bad Blogger

I wanted to start a blog to to communicate to the world – The World. I am not saying that I am super interesting, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find an interesting thing every once and a while. I mean, come on, even a broken clock is right twice a day…right?

As is my general luck, I decided to start this blog about the time I was diagnosed with Epstein Bar. Due to this fun little sickness I can hardly do anything but go to work. It’s a sad day when the idea of sitting in front of your computer (or your surface in my case) and typing is too much. The worst part of this sickness is the brain fog. I never thought about how my thoughts came to me. Now I do. Now every thought is conscious. I feel like I am wading through pudding, grasping for thoughts, every time I think of something. It can be scary at times, honestly. Last weekend I was dizzy all day and would have to stop what I was doing to concentrate on a specific thought when I was talking with someone. Oh, and I had a headache all day. Fun, I know.

So, apparently, I just sit and wait until I am better. Great.

Well, I am going to back to laying on the couch and binge watching some guilty pleasure TV.


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