Day 13

I’m not sure what the correlation is between tracking what you eat and eating less…other than there is one for me. The first two days of my tacking were kinda bad…and that was with me trying! That obviously means I was doing WAY worse than I thought I was. Each day got a little better as I monitored what I was eating better. I thought I knew what I was doing. Now I’m back to weighing and measuring everything and I’m really seeing how bad my “eye” has gotten. 

I also think something happens to your stomach when you begin eating less and eating better food options. Right now I’m sitting here, quite full, and clocking about 500 calories less than my goal, which makes me at (probably) about 800 less than a few weeks ago. I wanted something sweet to eat, but not because I was hungry…I just wanted the taste. 

That’s actually a big problem of mine: eating for a taste instrad of hunger. Like, I would be content with after chewing the food if I didn’t have to swallow it…is that gross…TMI? I feel like I can’t be alone here. (I hope.) I am not eating for a purpose but for a sensation attainment…? Well, whatever it is I am winning the battle tonight. I’ve brushed my teeth and I am in bed. 

Score one for me!