Day 19

So, I got it into my head that since I couldn’t find a pattern for the fingerless gloves that I had in my head I would design them instead. (Of course I am now thinking of How the Grinch Stole Christmas – “…If I can’t find a reindeer, I’ll make one instead!”)

Over the course of the last 2 nights I have gotten a grand total of about 10 rows. The other hours have been spent crocheting then tearing everything out and trying again…and again…and (you guessed it) again… Funny thing? I don’t feel that defeated by it. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to my goal. I’ve been keeping track of my work in the creative section of my Bullet Journal so that I can make a mate once this first one (Righty, as I like to think of him.) is done. I’m using a mixture of things I like from patterns and my own requirements so it should be interesting (my favorite euphemism…). They’re going to be Franken-mittens!!  I’ll post more when there is something worth seeing and the places I got inspiration later.

Another project I have decided to get into is reading all the books from this list.  

 I made a checklist with the titles and put it in the cover of my journal. I’ve decided to go down the list, and not jump around. That way I have books to look forward to during the ones I’m not a fan of. Some will be rereads, and that’s ok, some will push me a bit more than I tend to like, and that’s ok too. I’ve downloaded 1984 and I’m ready to go!


Day 6 (written well into day 7…)

This trend needs to stop…I just am so tired lately that I pass out before I can even write a quick blurb about my day…

  • Becoming more apathetic about work – not good
  • The reaction on the hub’s face when he saw dinner (Turkey Chili over spaghetti squash) – adorable
  • Eating said dinner – Yum!
  • Watched Inside Out – good little movie…except with both cried for Bing Bong (btw…I have seen my husband cry 3 times in 5 years…this is one of those 3)
  • Nice cuppa tea made just the way I like it – amazing.

Also, I am loving this Bullet Journal. I already have felt it become a part of my day and it has caused me to be more mindful of the “Healthy Type Stuff” that I wanted to track at the bottom of each page. I aim to eat 1800 or less…

  • day 1 – 1885
  • day 2 – 1803
  • day 3 – 1548
  • day 4 – 1350 (exercised for 30+ minutes 🙂 )
  • day 5 – TBA, but as of now I’ve eaten 870 (exercised for 30+ minutes 🙂 )

I exercised today basically because I have 3 days left in the week and I know I won’t exercise tomorrow (Fridays are busy) so that leaves Saturday as a definite day, which made today the other definite since I hadn’t exercised before yesterday this week. File_000

(I am a terrible drawer…)

This is my “Creative Space” for the day. Whenever I work out my dog is VERY interested…

Day 3

So, I officially started my Bullet Journal today. I came across this concept on one of my many “rabbit hole” adventures on Pinterest. This is the Pin that started me on this path. I found it way back in September and decided to wait until the new year to implement it…yes, I realize we’re 3 days in but I still count this as a win! As January got closer I decided to do some more digging online, on Pinterest specifically, and I decided (officially) that I wanted to try this. I’ve never been good at keep journals, but this appeals to me for several reasons:

  1. It serves a function besides bemoaning one’s life. 
  2. It can help notice trends in my life, which can be fixed (or at least attempted to be fixed) as a result. 
  3. There doesn’t appear to be a “wrong way” to do this…
  4. It’s a personal thing as this is customizable!
  5. For me it brings together different facets of my life into one, non-digital, place. 
  6. I’ve always liked writing in books. 

Here’s what I have so far.   I got this lovely journal at Barnes and Noble; I fell in love almost instantly.   These are the inside pages of the book. Here I drew a diagram of what each portion of my page means (left) and a legend that I imagine will grow with need (right). The diagram reflects what I thought were the things I wanted in my Bullet Journal:

  1. Notes for the day/things to accomplish
  2. A creative space of a poem hits me or a thought for something to write or a project I want to start…you get the idea. 
  3. My thoughts for the day, or my “Dear Diary” section (Notice how small it is – I didn’t want space to wallow.)
  4. A space to track my ongoing healthy endeavors. 
  5. A happy thought of the day/what I am grateful for. This was a new addition, like within the last hour. I decided that I would make a point to think one happy thought a day. I think some days this will be easy and others not so much, and on those days it will matter the most. 

My thought is that this diagram may change month to month until I find out what really works for me.  I decided that I wanted a calendar in my Bullet Jornal, so I put one in (right)! I taped it so that I could flip it up and leave general notes for the month. On the left I marked with Washi tape the color/pattern of the month…which will make more sense in a second – I promise.   Using the matching Washi tape of the month (indicated on the index page I promised would make sense) I taped off the sections for my Bullet Journal. This, literally, took me a little over 2 hours. I cut the strip of Waahi tape in half, otherwise I just wouldn’t have had enough tape. I’m not sure I would do this again, honestly…but I was in for the pound since I put in the penny. You’ll notice the first 2 days of the month are empty…I figured I should be honest and leave them blank rather than make past me look better than she actually was.  Here is today’s entry. The bottom bit, the healthy stuff tracking, will looked like this every day, I mean that the same things will be tracked…with one exception. I will “weigh in” on Sundays, so that box is only on several pages a month. I made some decisions here about what to track as well, things I want to work on. 

  1. Drinking “enough” water – my goal is 64oz…
  2. I want to exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and now I’ll know if I do in such a way that I can’t lie to myself or anyone else. 
  3. We eat out FAR too much during the school year and we need to stop. Just like in point number 2 this becomes data that I can’t ignore and I hope that will push my tired ass to cook more. 
  4. I have a Fitbit, but I don’t do much with it, so I decided to make myself accountable (like in 2&3) by taking stock of my steps each day.
  5. Then I will monitor my calories eaten each day. I know, I know, there are apps and I’ve used them but they don’t do much for me. I lost 60 pounds keeping track of the number of calories I ate, nothing more, and I’m doing it again. I know there are different schools of thought about this, but I chose to do this because it works for me. 
  6. My above mentioned weigh in, which was a late-ish addition. I had gotten through to January 20 (page setup) before I thought to add this to track.  It’s easy to pretend I’m not gaining weight of I don’t step on a scale….

And that’s it…for now. I’m sure I will bring up BulletJournalling again. I am very excited about this and I hope it becomes a habit…or else I spent a lot of money and time on a dud. 

BTW…the lemon squares are awesome. I just added more lemon (like a whole lemon worth of rind and half a lemon worth of juice) and blueberries (on top of the creamcheese mixture), but I’m sure any version of this is yummy.