Day 12

More bad news today. This makes three, so let’s hope it’s done. 

On the up side! I made this hat tonight!

  Hat creditPom Pom credit 

My husband said that the quickness with which it was made makes him think less of chrocheted things because it looked too easy – the bugger. I was very pleased with this hat. It took maybe 1.5 hours when all was said and done and one skein of super chunky yarn…AND the Pom Pom was quite fun to make. The above tutorial made it VERY easy to make. This was the highlight of my day and I plan to wear it with pride tomorrow!!


Apple Cozy

First, here’s where I got the pattern and idea for my latest Pinterest Project. 

Let’s continue with the finished product:   

 Overall, this was a fun little project. It took about 2 hours from start to finish. Like usual the “magic circle” bit confounded me. I always mess up 2-3 times. Usually it’s because I think I remember how to do it and then I default to the one tutorial that always makes sense to me. After that the main problem was the tightness of some of the stitches. Once I got to round/row 8 that problem ceased to be. The other issue was when I SC around with Color C. I didn’t pay close enough attention to make sure that the two sides had the same number of stitches. This oversight led to the final product being a little lopsided. Once the apple went in that was unnoticeable. 

One thing to consider, that I hadn’t when I started this, was the amount of ends that needed to be sewn in. I crocheted as many ends in as I could. I prefer this to sewing, personally. But that’s why there chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, right. You can do things the way you want. 🙂

I think that I will declare this Pinterest Project a success.