Day 11

After waiting a month (one of those weeks because the coordinator was on vacation) to see if we qualify for this study that may help us have a baby I find out we don’t qualify. This is after it’s  clear that this woman (the coordinator) didn’t even look at the info my doctor sent over…so she probably would have forgotten about me. Anyway, why don’t we qualify you ask? Good question. I have a paraovarian cyst (that was caused by fertility meds) that my main doctor told me not to worry about – it’s not a big deal, he says. Well this “not a big deal” is the only thing keeping us out of the study. /sigh This super helpful coordinator (I really would like a sarcasm font for instances like this.) says she’ll email my doctor. I don’t trust that or her so I called and left a message myself. You never actually talk to the doctor unless they call you. I gave him the short version and asked if we could he Mr. “not a big deal” out so that my husband and I could qualify for the study. And now we play the waiting game. /double sigh 

Mondays are bad enough. This Monday was tremendously bad, which isn’t fair.

On the up side I got some pretty awesome yarn at Michaels; it’ll make a cool hat. (I post it when I’m done.)