Dear self,

I don’t feel like adulting right now. I’m too tired and sick to adult. I would like to go shake some sense into past me who thought that being an adult would be awesome. -_-

Well, I would if that wouldn’t hurt the whole time space continuum thing… My limited knowledge of this comes solely from Sci-Fi novels…but they’re probably right. Right? At the very least I wouldn’t want to step on a butterfly and start WW III. Considering how much of a klutz I am it would probably be a public service, should time travel become a normal thing, for me to stay squarely in my time line going only in the forward direction. 

Being an adult is a lot like time travel, well maybe only a little (ok not at all). Stay with me here… Say I decided to adult and make a decision, which then has a result and that result is either positive or negative. Had I not time traveled and stepped on that butter fly (decided to adult) then tragedy (or not) could have been averted. Ok, that was a stretch even for me. 

I cannot not adult, which sucks. I just have to put my big girl pants on and make my adult decision…*pouts (in the most adultly way possible)*