Day 6 (written well into day 7…)

This trend needs to stop…I just am so tired lately that I pass out before I can even write a quick blurb about my day…

  • Becoming more apathetic about work – not good
  • The reaction on the hub’s face when he saw dinner (Turkey Chili over spaghetti squash) – adorable
  • Eating said dinner – Yum!
  • Watched Inside Out – good little movie…except with both cried for Bing Bong (btw…I have seen my husband cry 3 times in 5 years…this is one of those 3)
  • Nice cuppa tea made just the way I like it – amazing.

Also, I am loving this Bullet Journal. I already have felt it become a part of my day and it has caused me to be more mindful of the “Healthy Type Stuff” that I wanted to track at the bottom of each page. I aim to eat 1800 or less…

  • day 1 – 1885
  • day 2 – 1803
  • day 3 – 1548
  • day 4 – 1350 (exercised for 30+ minutes 🙂 )
  • day 5 – TBA, but as of now I’ve eaten 870 (exercised for 30+ minutes 🙂 )

I exercised today basically because I have 3 days left in the week and I know I won’t exercise tomorrow (Fridays are busy) so that leaves Saturday as a definite day, which made today the other definite since I hadn’t exercised before yesterday this week. File_000

(I am a terrible drawer…)

This is my “Creative Space” for the day. Whenever I work out my dog is VERY interested…